The choice of wide leg pants

What kind of shoes should wide leg pants go with?If you master these two points, you will get a brand new perspective. Let you see wide leg pants, you can come up with a lot of collocations in your mind, let’s start right now. The choice of wide leg pants neither too long nor too … Continue reading “The choice of wide leg pants”

Secrets of cute cheap clothes

Since clothes are consumable and I like to experiment with different styles, I always buy cute cheap clothes that are not too expensive, but I have a way of making them not look cheap. Today, let’s share some tips 1. Buy more basic items with simple design Basic, such as white T-shirt, shirt, jeans and … Continue reading “Secrets of cute cheap clothes”

How to solve the problem of pilling

Reasons of pilling The pilling of cute cheap clothes clothes is caused by the friction on the surface of the fabric, and the fibers are wound together into the shape of a ball. Polyester fabric fibers produce a kind of invisible “hair” on the naked eye, the wear of friction and pilling. Or in the … Continue reading “How to solve the problem of pilling”

The study of Chinese clothing

Cheap clothes stores  With the continuous growth of China’s economy, the development of the cheap clothes stores is becoming more and more perfect. After China’s accession to the WTO, many foreign brands into the home, in the clothing brand under the background of increasing homogeneity and internationalization degree, clothing brand competition from domestic to international, selected … Continue reading “The study of Chinese clothing”