The choice of wide leg pants

What kind of shoes should wide leg pants go with?If you master these two points, you will get a brand new perspective. Let you see wide leg pants, you can come up with a lot of collocations in your mind, let’s start right now. The choice of wide leg pants neither too long nor too … Continue reading “The choice of wide leg pants”

Research about Chinese clothing

Since ancient times, clothing from the initial shelter body, to now beautiful decoration. From the “decoration theory” of the origin of clothing, the public’s demand for Chinese clothing keeps pace with the demand for survival instinct. Clothing should not only follow the international trend, but also embody Chinese characteristics, traditional culture and oriental charm. Among … Continue reading “Research about Chinese clothing”

The study of Chinese clothing

Cheap clothes stores  With the continuous growth of China’s economy, the development of the cheap clothes stores is becoming more and more perfect. After China’s accession to the WTO, many foreign brands into the home, in the clothing brand under the background of increasing homogeneity and internationalization degree, clothing brand competition from domestic to international, selected … Continue reading “The study of Chinese clothing”

Some common fabrics of clothing

basic knowledge of fabric Fabrics are mainly divided into: non-textile fabrics and textile fabrics from another dimension, divided into natural fabrics and non-natural fabrics. Click cheap clothing websites for more. Natural fabrics: plant fiber, such as: cotton, hemp, fruit fiber Animal fibers, such as wool, wool free, silk Mineral fibers, such as asbestos The natural … Continue reading “Some common fabrics of clothing”

Cheap Wholesale Clothing’s suggestions

What is good clothing? Excellent selection ability and collocation ability, is indispensable, now everyone in the cultivation of aesthetic, practice color sensitivity, but if the style is not selected well, no matter how collocation will not have the effect you want.Here are some suggestions for buying cheap wholesale clothing.  how to see the size to know … Continue reading “Cheap Wholesale Clothing’s suggestions”