The perfect match of hoodies

Sweaters have always been sexy high school girls like the single product, because it is all-match clothes, it is the exclusive single product of young people. Today, I will talk about all kinds of hoodies. 1, Hoodie + leggings Sweaters and small feet of pencil pants, jeans are a classic match. Panasonic tight wear, reasonable … Continue reading “The perfect match of hoodies”

How to eliminate the smell of shoes

Shoes that are not suitable for washing with water wear for a long time, and will produce odor because of foot sweat infiltration. How to eliminate this kind of peculiar smell, introduce 6 kinds of methods to everybody below. The tea bag Because the tannic acid material contained in tea can absorb part of the … Continue reading “How to eliminate the smell of shoes”

Shoes cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning method Brush the dust off the vamp with a shoe brush, and then dip a little shoe polish or other leather cleaner to gently wipe the vamp. The stains that are difficult to remove can also be removed with a little white vinegar. If leather cleaner and conditioner are not available, use conditioner instead. … Continue reading “Shoes cleaning and maintenance”