The best combination of a shirt and dress

It’s T-shirt season again. The T – shirt of summer is a must-have item absolutely, the top of the whole summer, the rate of T – shirt show mirror occupied absolute proportion. Sometimes in addition to T – shirt, people do not know what to wear.And what I like to match with T-shirt, is half … Continue reading “The best combination of a shirt and dress”

Different categories of skirts

As the weather gets warmer, everyone sheds their heavy coats in favor of light spring clothes. How can I do without a skirt on a sunny day? Skirts come in a wide variety of styles, and the fashion world has recently embraced skirts in particular, which can go a long way with a wider variety … Continue reading “Different categories of skirts”

How to match with Korean clothes

Do you also like the style of Korean clothing? The versatile Korean look is so popular because it looks simple, sweet or sophisticated. It depends on how you match the clothes together. For years, Korean fashion has been one of the most suitable clothes for Asian and even European and American girls. This style is … Continue reading “How to match with Korean clothes”