How to eliminate the smell of shoes

Shoes that are not suitable for washing with water wear for a long time, and will produce odor because of foot sweat infiltration. How to eliminate this kind of peculiar smell, introduce 6 kinds of methods to everybody below.

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The tea bag

Because the tannic acid material contained in tea can absorb part of the impurities in the air, play a certain purification role, so you can use tea to remove the smell inside the shoes. For people with serious foot odor, tea leaves can be air-dried and loaded into gauze bags, and then tied with ribbons to make tea bags. After returning home every day, tea bag is put in the shoe that takes off, when wearing a shoe the next day, the peculiar smell in the shoe can be found to reduce light and contain faint fragrance.

Charcoal package

A packet of charcoal is placed inside the shoe, can have better effect in addition to peculiar smell.
Because alcohol belongs to volatile material, in the volatile process can play a disinfectant. In addition to the effect of taste. So you can use this characteristic to remove the smell inside the shoes. Gush a few alcohol on paper towel, tile in the shoe, place in the home cool and dry place. After period of time, can achieve antiseptic and the effect that divide peculiar smell.

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Camphor ball

Mothballs have adsorption, insect repellent, mildew and other functions. People can press a small amount of mothballs into powder. Evenly spread on the paper into the shoes. After a period of time to take out the paper.It can play the role of eliminating the smell in the shoes.


Because alum has the function of disinfection and sterilization, adsorption peculiar smell and keeping dry. Therefore, a small amount of dehydrated alum can be packed in a small cloth bag. And put in the shoes for a period of time after the seams. Doing so can not only effectively remove the smell inside the shoes, but also achieve the hygroscopic effect.

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Scented plants

Because grapefruit skin has the effect such as adsorption peculiar smell, drive dampness insect-proof, fragrance lasting, because this can put its inside the shoe in order to achieve the goal of eliminating peculiar smell. Additional, the dried flower that has fragrance also can rise to divide peculiar smell effect. The common dry rose, dry chrysanthemum, osmanthus, cloves and other petals put in the bag, and then put it in the smell of the shoes, wear out the bag, smell will be reduced.