Perfect pair of pants and shoes

Every day before going out to open the wardrobe, always do not know what to wear. When you don’t have time or are lazy, the easiest thing to pick is always a pair of little black pants. You don’t have to worry about color matching, because black goes with any color, and you don’t have to worry about looking fat, because you can’t pick a leaner color than it.

As the foundation of a joker, already can be chic and handsome, can elegant and intelligent, only see the small black trousers of which kind of style collocation, can pencil trousers, can smoke pipe trousers, also can bell bottoms or wide leg trousers, at the same time with different jacket, coat and shoes, can make a new style.

Today I’m going to look at these little black pants and shoes.

Black pants and high heels

For the season of low heels, let’s start with little black pants with high heels for women.

The dress that does not recognize you to wear what style, the small black trousers of which design, deserve to go up a pair of cheap high heels , feminine idioty can get reflect, the most contracted high-heeled shoes with one word, still have high heeled shoes of shallow mouth pointed head, can match trousers in this season, these two high-heeled shoes can outstretch leg line.

Black pants and Oxford shoes

In the past, Oxford shoes were considered too masculine and were not acceptable. Now see a lot of fashion girls can wear Oxford shoes very good-looking, and a kind of handsome cool feeling. Pair it with a pair of black jeans or cigarette pants with small feet.

Black pants and loafers

Black pants with loafers also work well in the spring and fall season. Comfortable, casual and convenient, these “one-legged” shoes will go well with any type of little black pants, such as the usual black jeans, cigarette pants and wide-leg pants.