The best combination of a shirt and dress

It’s T-shirt season again. The T – shirt of summer is a must-have item absolutely, the top of the whole summer, the rate of T – shirt show mirror occupied absolute proportion. Sometimes in addition to T – shirt, people do not know what to wear.And what I like to match with T-shirt, is half skirt. wearing summer dress is immortal, with leisure T-shirt tie-in rises , making you look cute. Leisure has feminine taste , it is the best template that summer mixes build undoubtedly.

T shirt + denim skirt

A T-shirt and a denim skirt is always a summer must-have. It’s sexy high school girl’s favorite, but also the most common and common combination. Both are casual wind, the single article of youth. Girls also love this group of collocation, but also more show youthful temperament.

Shorter denim skirts above the knee are the most common summer denim styles. Pair it with sneakers or high heels. When matching sports shoes, take the overall casual style, youthful and energetic. And tie-in high-heeled shoes, can add elegance and feminine taste in youth and lively again.

T shirt + floral skirt

The summer also cannot be little printing skirt of course, the romantic charm of printing skirt, it is who also cannot replace. Print skirt because occupied the area of the lower body only, match to go up concise T – shirt again, it is pure and fresh have immortal spirit really.

T-Shirt + pleated skirt

There is always a visual sensation of light flowing as you walk around, especially pleated skirts with a metallic feel. It can also be worn with a low-key T-shirt.

T shirt + slit skirt

The sexiness of the slit skirt is even more wonderful. This kind of sex appeal is a high expression of sex appeal.

T shirt + gauze skirt

Gauze skirt takes its own “little princess” temperament, at the same time there is a sense of stage, so it is very eye – sucking.

Gauze skirt also has a sense of existence in these two years. No matter how low-key gauze skirt is, it is also very sweet. Therefore, with T-shirt, it can be more low-key and simple, sweet but not greasy, which makes people feel comfortable.