The choice of wide leg pants

What kind of shoes should wide leg pants go with?If you master these two points, you will get a brand new perspective. Let you see wide leg pants, you can come up with a lot of collocations in your mind, let’s start right now.

The choice of wide leg pants

  1. neither too long nor too short length is desirable

In recent years, wide cheap pants are very popular. They try to use the legs that reach to the feet to symbolically lengthen the figure proportion. And wear out natural and unrestrained. However, for small girls who are not outstanding in temperament and do not need concave shape in daily life, the effect of wearing such trousers is often counterproductive, not only not fashionable, but also very tardy and unskillful.

There are also seven point wide leg pants, which are opposite to the long ones. These pants are usually thin in spring and summer. They are not long or short, which separate the lines of the lower body, and run counter to the psychological demands of showing height and thin. Especially for girls with thick legs, it’s even more unfriendly. The best length of wide leg pants is the length that touches the foot or shows the ankle.

2.Too wide leg is not recommended

In fashion china, many girls feel that the wide leg pants should be wider, so that they can wear a natural atmosphere. This situation is very common in Japanese style. But we need to understand that the effect of shooting is quite different from what we can see with the naked eye. In daily life, if the trouser legs are too big and loose, it will be like “stealing adult clothes”. The correct type of pants should be: along the original leg curve, slightly loose.

3.Rigid fabric is not desirable

Wide leg pants have high requirements for the texture of the fabric. For example, this kind of rigid overalls fabric not only does not stick to the skin, but also has a strong sense of expansion. Wearing it on the model, it still has the cool sense of leisure sports style. But if it is worn on ordinary people, it may be like two “pillars”. Recommended fabrics are: velvet, tannin jeans, silk, suit fabrics.