The perfect match of hoodies

Sweaters have always been sexy high school girls like the single product, because it is all-match clothes, it is the exclusive single product of young people. Today, I will talk about all kinds of hoodies.

1, Hoodie + leggings

Sweaters and small feet of pencil pants, jeans are a classic match. Panasonic tight wear, reasonable collocation. At this time long or short sweater, can match.

2, Hoodie + wide-leg pants

We need to pay attention to this combination. After all, the wearing method of sweaters, now popular is a bigger size, so on the Panasonic loose wearing method, must master skills.

At this time, please try to wear a short sweater, with high heels.

3, Hoodie + skirt suit

Sweaters and skirts are almost versatile, no matter long or short skirt, denim skirt, folding skirt, fish-tail skirt, umbrella skirt, can match.

4. Hoodie and shirts

The sweatshirt is tie-in the cheap shirt, it is absolutely Chinese fashion at present popular element, the administrative level that makes a fold to wear feels. In the casual and handsome feeling, there is a light academic wind.

5, Hoodie + coats, down jackets

In winter, the hoodie will be matched inside, no matter with a cap or not, no matter with an cheap coat, or down jacket, it is full of fashion sense!

6. Wear your hoodie directly

When the weather is cool, wear a long hoodie directly as a mid-length skirt.

7. Hoodie and high heels

If you don’t want to go bare-legged, you can pair them with high heels for women to look cool.